1. General Provisions
This website is operated by Koreal Trip.
Koreal Trip is obligated to protect and respect member privacy. Koreal Trip wishes to inform members of the method of using and protecting personal information through this Privacy Policy (this “Privacy Policy”). Please take a closer look at this Privacy Policy before subscribing to or using this website (this “Website”).
This Privacy Policy may be amended under applicable laws and regulations, instructions and Koreal Trip’s internal operation policy. If this Privacy Policy is amended, the amendment will be notified on the notice board on the main page of this Website or a separate webpage.

2. Items of Personal Information to be Collected and the Method of Collection
A visitor may use this Website without providing Koreal Trip with his/her personal information. However, a visitor may use additional services by providing certain personal information and subscribing to reserve. Koreal Trip collects the following personal information through reservation subscription via this Website.
[Mandatory Items]
* Name. e-mail address and mobile phone number
* Type of browser and OS used by a member, search word, access log, IP address and cookies
* Date and time of visit and records on use of services
[Optional Items]
* Matters that a visitor voluntarily specified in the (optional) questionnaires for visitors (purpose of subscription to the Website, events in which a visitor wishes to participate, etc.)

3. Purposes of Use of the Collected Personal Information
Koreal Trip uses personal information especially for the following purposes:
* Provision of contents in the Website (Sending announcements, news related to Korea Trip, etc.), authentication of the member him/herself and maintenance and management of the Website
* Management of member status, contact to visitors, holding membership based events and sending announcements related thereto, and provision of information and services customized to visitor’s preferences

4. Processing/Retention Period and Destruction of Personal Information
A. Processing/retention period of personal information
In principle, after the purposes of collecting and using personal information are achieved, the information will be destroyed immediately. Meanwhile, in the event that a member withdraws from this Website, withdraws his/her consent to the collection of personal information, or requests deletion thereof, the personal information will be immediately destroyed. However, in the event that any personal information is required to be retained under applicable laws and regulations, the personal information will be retained for the period as prescribed under such laws and regulations, and will be used only for the purposes as prescribed under the laws and regulations.
B. Destruction of personal information
Personal information will be retained for a certain period and destroyed for the sake of information protection under the internal policy and applicable laws and regulations (See the period of retention/use of the collected personal information) after the purposes of use of personal information are achieved. Any print-out version of personal information will be shredded using a shredder or incinerated, and any personal information stored in the electronic files will be destroyed using a technical method which makes the records irreproducible.

5. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
Koreal Trip uses the information only for the purpose of operating the website, and does not provide the information for any third party.

6. Rights/Obligations of Members and Others and the Method of Exercising thereof
Members and others may exercise the following rights as an information principal.
* A member may request (i) access to his/her personal information, (ii) correction or deletion of the personal information, or (iii) suspension of processing of the personal information.
* When requested as above, Koreal Trip will confirm whether the requesting party is the information principal or a justifiable representative.
* Only when there exists a justifiable reason as set forth under laws or a reason equivalent thereto, Koreal Trip may reject such request.

7. Matters concerning to Ensure the Security of Personal Information
Koreal Trip is taking proper managerial, technical and physical measures to ensure the security of information to be collected online to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.

8. Links
Koreal Trip may provide a link of another website which is not controlled by Koreal Trip. Koreal Trip will not be held liable for the website linked as above. In the event that a member moves away from this Website, Koreal Trip will not be liable for protection and privacy of the information provided by the member. The member shall carefully review the regulations on protection of personal information which applies to the relevant website. In the event of providing a link, Koreal Trip will make efforts to clearly inform that a member is transferred from the Website to another site.

9. Cookies
Koreal Trip uses cookies, including but not limited to session/persistent cookies and web beacons, for a certain website of Koreal Trip. A cookie is a file which saves the history of a member’s having visited this Website from his/her computer and informs Koreal Trip of the history. A cookie helps Koreal Trip identify a member’s website preferences, adjust this Website according to member preferences and measure the degree of usage of this Website.
Once a member accesses this Website, Koreal Trip uses cookies to provide personalized services, etc. by analyzing frequency of access, visit time, etc., tracing the member, and obtaining information on event participation and frequency of visit, etc.
A member has an option to install cookies. A member may accept all cookies, or instruct the web browser to send notice at the time of installation of cookies, or refuse to accept all cookies by adjusting the relevant function in the web browser of his/her own computer. However, in the event of refusing the installation of cookies, there may be a problem in providing services.
An example of the installation method (in the case of Internet Explorer): Tool button on the upper part of the web browser > Internet Option > Personal Information

10. Department in charge of Protecting Personal Information and Handling Complaints
Koreal Trip has the following department in charge of protecting visitors’ personal information and handling complaints related to personal information. Visitors may file any and all complaints related to protection of personal information which may arise in the course of using Koreal Trip’s services with the following department.

11. Personal Information Department
Person-in-Charge : Chang Young Yu
Telephone Number: +82 70 8098 1222
E-mail: hello@korealtrip.com

Last updated 01 June 2016.