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What to Expect

Korail Pass (KR Pass) is absolutely useful and helpful item specially for Busan travelers. Even one day Busan traveler from Seoul, 2 day pass (based on saver) is cheaper than normal roundtrip train tickets! Korail Pass (KR Pass) saves your money & time. No more difficult booking system, If you book with us.

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Package Details

Available Train with KR Pass
Korail Pass (KR Pass)
High-Speed trains : KTX, KTX-Sancheon
Conventional trains : ITX-Saemaeul, Saemaeul, Mugunhwa, Nuriro, ITX-Cheongchun
Tourist trains : O-train, V-train, S-train, DMZ-train, A-train, Westgold-train

Non-Available Train
AREX, SRT, Metro

Additional information

Adult: from 13 years old
Child: 6-12 years old
Saver: 2-5 people who travel with same itinerary together

-Seats may not be assigned during National holidays and summer peak seasons. Instead, standing tickets are available.
-KR Pass can be issued from before 31 days of your first travel date.
-Age is based on purchasing date not travel date.
-For first class seats, surcharge will be occurred when you book seats.

How to book

1) Choose Date (1st day of travel date with train)
2) Choose Option
*If you book saver type, please choose Saver Pass. Make quantity and then choose prefer pass.
3) Book Now and Write detail info
4) KR Pass & How to Book Seats will be sent you within 24hours after purchasing

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