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What to Expect

Korail Pass (KR Pass) is absolutely useful and helpful item specially for Busan travelers. Even one day Busan traveler from Seoul, 2 day pass (based on saver) is cheaper than normal roundtrip train tickets! Korail Pass (KR Pass) saves your money & time. No more difficult booking system, If you book with us.

1. Select Pass (2 days or 4 days Pass)
• This is a PASS that allows you to choose 2 or 4 days from the first date of commencement and ride KTX within 10 days.
• Recommended to : To those who didn't plan a specific trip.
• Example : (Based on 4 Days Pass) First ride on 2nd of Jan 2020 - 2nd ride on 4th of Jan - 3rd ride on 7th of Jan - Last ride on 11th of Jan.
• Notice : Valid within 10 days from the reservation date (Date of the 1st Ride). For those who have purchased the "Select Pass" already, you can not purchase once again during the period which is not pass 10 days from first open date. Please try to purchase after 10 days from open date or Consecutive pass.

2. Consecutive Pass (3 days or 5 days Pass)
• This is a PASS that allows you to unlimitedly board on the KTX for either 3 or 5 days from the date of commencement.
• Recommended to : For those who want to travel to every part of Korea.
• Example : (Based on 3 Days Pass) First ride on 2nd of Jan 2020 - 2nd ride on 3rd of Jan - 3rd ride on 4th of Jan
• Notice : Valid for certain selected days (3 or 5 days) from the reservation date (Date of the 1st Ride).

What is Saver Pass?
This is a PASS that allows you to purchase either the Consecutive Pass or Select Pass at a reasonable price if you are a group of 2~5 and are planning to get on the same train.
• Recommended : In case there are 2~5 accompanying together.
• Notice : All the passengers must board the same train together.

Available Train with Korail Pass
• High-Speed trains : KTX, KTX-Sancheon
• Conventional trains : ITX-Saemaeul, Saemaeul, Mugunhwa, Nuriro, ITX-Cheongchun
• Tourist trains : O-train, V-train, S-train, DMZ-train, A-train, Westgold-train
• Non-Available Train : SRT, AREX(Airport Train), Metro(subway)

Booking Info

How to book

① Select first date of travel
② Choose Korail Pass Options, then number of pax
③ Click Book Now button to complete your transaction (require Sign-up in advance)
④ Write all details (Name/ Gender/ Date of Birth/ Passport No.) for all members (include you)
⑤ After Complete your transaction, KR Pass will be sent via email within a couple of hours.
**Then now, You can see below [How to make the reservation for the seat]

Package Details

Adult: from 13 years old
Child: 6-12 years old
Saver: 2-5 people who travel with same itinerary together

• KR PASS is a ticket only for foreigners. Koreans (Korean Passport) are not allowed to use.
• Seat designations are also available at KORAIL ticket booth but recommended to book online in advance due to the long queue.
• The "Select Pass" must be used within 10 days from the reserved date and will not be allowed to be used after the valid date.
• It must be used by the same person only. You will not be able to use it if PASS name and the passport name are different. (selling nor lending to the third party is not permitted)
• Unable to modify the information after reservation.
• 1 voucher per person. Please be sure to print each passenger's voucher.
• Please check if there are seats remaining on the desired section and time.
• Please note that during New Year's day and Chuseok and before and after the date of those holidays, standing room and free seats may not be available to use. 
• For further inquiries, please contact the English CS Team of KORAIL! +82-1599-7777 (8am~10pm KST)

How to Use

① Check the time table and reservation status at the KORAIL homepage. (Click Here)
② Complete the purchase after selecting the date of use.
③ Check the attachment file to the email voucher then download the pdf file.
④ Choose the desired seat through KORAIL Website using the 12 digit reservation number written in the pdf file.
⑤ Print KR PASS tickets and seat reserved tickets.
⑥ After sitting in the designated seat, present the KR PASS, Seating Ticket, and Passport to the staff when coming around to check.
※ For those who did not make a reservation for the seating in advance, please make the reservation at the ticket booth of KTX Station by presenting the KR PASS and passport on the day of the reservation.

[How to make the reservation for the seat]
1. Visit the Korail Homepage.
2. Insert the number on the voucher in the "KORAIL PASS NUMBER" section then select "Inquiry".
Korail Pass
※For customer who have purchased the "Select Pass Ticket"※
For customers to have purchased the 'select type ticket' must choose the desired date to choose the seats.
Select your chosen ticket from Reservation Information then select "Details".
Korail Pass
Select Add from Date of Travel to then select the desired date. Afterward, return to LIST.
Korail Pass
3. Select the ticket you've purchased at Reservation Information then select "Seat Reservation".
Korail Pass
4. After all the information is filled out, select " Inquiry".
Korail Pass
5. From Economy Class, choose your desired seat.
Korail Pass
6. Select Next then from the next page, either select Print or Usage History to check the seats. Afterward press Reissue.
Korail Pass

※ For those who purchased "Select Pass", for better use, recommended choosing the seats in advance.
※ For those who did not choose your seats online, you can designate the seat at the ticket booth at KTX Station.

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